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When first considering the posibility of starting a therapy process, many doubts arise. While I can’t reply to all those questions here, I can provide you with some highlights on how psychotherapy looks like at Initia.

What do we offer?

Quality, ethical and real psychotherapy, online and in Granada (Spain).

Why psychotherapy?

Because you are facing challenges you want to overcome. Because you feel it’s time to take action. Because you want to heal. Because you want to grow.

Who will be my therapist?

I’m Raquel Ruiz, licensed psychologist with almost a decade of experience providing psychotherapy and over fifteen years in the field of mental health.  I specialize in anxiety, unhealthy relationship patterns, trauma and difficult life transitions. If you want to know more about me, you can check out this section.

When can we start?

There are two options here:

1. You can schedule an appointment right now through the online booking system.

2. If first you want to talk to me on the phone and see if I’m a good fit, you can send me an email to raquelruizpsico@gmail.com with your details and phone number. I can usually call you within the week, just share your times and days that work best, I will give you a call as soon as possible.

What is my approach to therapy?

I’m a certified relational systemic psychotherapist. This means I take into account the person and the context, understanding how relationships develop and patterns prevail over time. When you work with me you will hear me talking about attachment, selfcare, anxiety management, etc… depending on the case.

I also use a range of techniques, including: CBT, EMDR and therapeutic photography.

Which modalities of psychotherapy you offer?

Currently there are four modalities available:

– Individual therapy.

– Single session counseling service (for specific practical issues).

– Brief couples therapy.

– Family therapy.